Good evening everyone, I have received some fantastic feedback from many of the scouts and parents from our week at Camp Bell.  So nice to hear and it makes me look forward to next summer even more for another amazing week of activities and working together as a patrol.  You need to defend the Travois and go for the 4-peat in the Cast Iron Cook Off!!!

It is that time of the year when our lives get busy again with everything from school, sports, activities and fall chores around the house.  I get it we are all busy and trying to find free time to get things accomplished is not easy.  We had our first lesson in survival in the wilderness this past Thursday where scouts were able to learn how to set-up and start backpack lightweight cooking stoves.  Next week we will look to continue the series with setting up a tent followed by packing your pack whether it is a daypack or backpack.  We are also looking to go camping this fall between now and mid-November for an overnight where they will cook their meals on these stoves and start learning more about high adventure.

This is also the time of the year we need to make a solid push in our fundraising efforts in order for the Troop to survive.  I can’t emphasize it enough.  As you are all aware I have yet to send an email out regarding annual dues and trying to minimize the financial impact on all of us and that is why fundraising is so important.  This is also an opportunity for the scouts to earn money towards camp or even camping related gadgets through gift cards from EMS, REI or Sam’s.

Some important dates:

Wreaths orders are due to me no later than Sunday October 30th and they will arrive and available for pick-up around the 18th of November.

Popcorn and Dunkin Donut are due Saturday November 5th and will arrive end of November.

I ask all the scouts to try and sell at least $100 of popcorn, anything above $100 the scout starts earning money for camp or gadgets.  DD cards the scouts get $2 for each booklet sold and with wreaths scouts can earn $2.50 for each wreath.

I look forward to see everyone next Wednesday at 630pm, feel free to bring a tent.

Yours in Scouting,

Peter Switzer

SM Troop 14


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