Hiking and Camping November 4-5th

We are looking to head up to Mt. Osceola after school on November 4th around 530pm.  We will drive up to Waterville Valley pitch tents, eat dinner and get a good night sleep as the troop will wake up early Saturday morning to eat a healthy breakfast prior to hiking up Mt. Osceola which is on the 4000′ mountain list here in NH.  If the weather is too cold to sleep over we will leave bright & early on Saturday morning around 630am and head up for the day.  Either way our plan is to be back Saturday night.

Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Rodden will be leading the “expedition” along with help of the Patrick Lyons and Ham Richardson.  Depending on my daughter’s basketball schedule I may or may not be there.

On the way home we will stop in Concord, NH for some pizza so probably best to send $5 with each scout to help with cost of food at dinner.  We will likely return around 830-9pm.

This trip will allow all scouts from new to those trying to attain Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class rank requirements.

Please let me know if you scout is interested in attending this event.

Things you will need:

hiking boots, hat, mittens, warm socks(no cotton), 2nd pair warm socks, long underwear, pants(technical or Carharts work ok), fleece, wicking shirt, long sleeve wicking shirt, wind breaker, (2) 32 oz water bottles or full camelback, daypack, healthy snack for hiking, good spirit! The key is to wear layers you can easily remove or put on.

If we spend the night you will need a sleeping mat, sleeping bag and tent.  We will let the scouts know how many tents we will need. If we go up Friday night we will stop at Subway on the way up to get dinner.  Therefore total cost for the trip may range from $5-$20 per scout.  This will also cover breakfast which the scouts will be using backpack stoves to make their meals!  These stoves will be provided.

I will be providing more details over the next two weeks.

Yours in Scouting,

Peter Switzer

Scoutmaster Troop 14


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