New Scouting season 2017-18

So after a successful camping week at Bell I am sure the scouts are roaring to get back into the saddle and particpate in some great activities.  We will look to start scouts in the next couple weeks so be on the lookout for the start date.

At the first meeting I will hand out the popcorn fundraising order forms and it would be great to see each scout sell at least $100 in popcorn but even at that this does not cover our troop’s expenses.  Last year we squeaked by at the time of re-chartering and I we did not collect any dues.  I have two parents who have volunteered to help me with the fundraising with the annual council popcorn and our holiday wreaths.  Like last year this is a great way to earn either summer camp credit or money towards gift cards to EMS if you want.

This year we really need to get back to a dues format but will be changing it some.  In the past we had charge as much as $40-45 per scout to participate in our program and even at that we did not have enough money to cover all the expenses which inlcude paying for the adult leaders & scouts re-charter, awards and equipment.  This year we will look to collect a $30 from each scout at the beginning of the season and then a $1 for each meeeting they attend.  The $1 per meeting should be earned by each scout as they perform a good deed whether it be helping with chores around the house, community involvement or some other activity you feel a $1 is worth the reward.  Each week the scout will submit their dues to the troop treasurer a position held by one of the scouts.

On a national level scouting costs have gone up and we need to make sure we cover our costs not only through the local council but also as a troop.  With our Main Crust fundraiser we were able to add some much needed coooking equipment to our inventory but also pay for awards handed out earlier in the summer.

Also this fall we will be holding elections for several positions including the Asst Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader and Patrol Leader.  Wyatt has been the troops Senior Patrol Leader for the past couple years and it is time for him to take on other challenges within the troop but also devote his time working on his Eagle project.  Wyatt has been a fantastic mentor to the younger scouts and will continue to do so when he is able to participate in meetings throughout the year.  It is time for other scouts to take on leadership roles within the troop.

This fall we have the opportunity to possibly earn the Fishing MB so we will try and squeeze that into our schedule.  Other activities to inlcude a hiking trip either up Monadnock or even to the White Mountains for they day.  We will also continie to work with the younger scouts on rank advancement but also trying to be outside as much as possible till winter hits.

I look forward to seeing all the scouts in the next couple weeks once we start back up!



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