Big Changes!!!

I want to pass on a HUGE thanks to Wyatt for doing a great job as the Troop’s Senior Patrol Leader and Asst Senior Patrol Leader the past 5 years. While no one else was really up to the challenge or responsibility, he took it on and as a troop we would really watch him develop as a fantastic leader  during his time at camp with the rest of the boys.  To a level where the camp staff strongly suggested he be part of of their team next year.  Wyatt is about 18 months from completing his time in scouts and is going to serve the troop in a different capacity but will also be working hard to complete his Eagle project by the end of May.

With that said as a troop we have made some changes and last week we had everyone in attendence and the boys elected a new leadership team.  One of the requirements within our troop we have set to become the Senior Patrol leader is they have to have attain the rank of First Class.  All other leadership positions within the troop are available at any position.  Every year we will have a new SPL giving the boys in the troop the opportunity to develop as a leader.

Congrats to Jack L. for being elected as this year’s SPL.

Other positions that were elected include the following:

Patrol Leader- Nat Y.

Asst. Patrol Leader- Ethan B.

Scribe- Sammy P.

Quartermaster- Danny P.

Webmaster- Dan S.

Every year we will vote on positions and as the troop grows there will be plenty of opportunities for the boys to develop their leadership skills.  Congrats to all the scouts and their recent elections.

Yours in Scouting,

Peter Switzer

SM Troop 14

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