Life Project Complete

Over the past couple months a Life scout candidate from Troop 14 has been working on his service project in order to achieve the Life rank. Jack selected to re-build the picnic benches at Stone Pond where the local town beach is located. There were five benches there all in dire need of repair.

He determined how many boards and other components would be necessary in order to achieve the task. Through the help of his troop including three now scouts along with anohter first year scout and a couple others he was able to complete the project last Thursday even in the damp and cold May evening. Using EDGE Jack showed several of the new scouts how to do many of the different tasks in building the benches so they could be full engaged and take part in the process. In scouting we commonly use EDGE (Expaln, Demonstrate, Guide and Enable) to teach others how to do things.

Thanks to the leadershio of Jack and the aid of the Boy Scouts of Troop 14 the Town of Marlborough now has 5 new picnic benches available for the public to use at Stone Pond.

Liam getting into some serious action

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